Dirty Gertie - The Game Plan

Weather is finally getting better, but then that just means the Little League games are actually being played out. It's amazing how many rain dances one still does in a day despite the forecast only giving off a 10% chance of rain. I love my son playing ball, but to suddenly have the option of being home during bad weather - yeah!

Anyway, Dirty Gertie (the grill) needs a bath . . . bad. The annual grill cleaning is never a fun time. In actuality though, it should never get so bad that you can't use it, because you should keep using it all year round! But then, there are kids in your life and everything changes (sorry - that's a whole other blog).

ANYWAY, I saw this the other day - a robot grill cleaner. It's called the Grillbot.


Since I don't see my Eagles green color, I'll take a Flyers Orange one - thank you. Probably too late to do a deal with this company and sample one out. Hint, hint: maybe next year? Nevertheless, I would love to have a Roomba for my grill. Make some dinner, walk away, and when I get back - grill is all clean! I'll believe it when I see it though - hmmmm, another hint was that?

Alright, game on! The cleaning will happen within the next week. Father's Day weekend is too close and that's just embarrassing.

"Hey - that's a nice covered up grill you have there. Is that a prop or do you actually use it."

If someone would actually say that to me, I'd simply have to take it. So far in the new place, the grill is another piece of furniture on the deck. No stories or tales to be told of parties, family gatherings, or past Pigskin Gourmet shows. Remember Ethel from the past episodes? Oh - the stories that she had.

Ethel Grill.jpg


(Yup - that's melted siding.  See - stories.)

So - the announcement has been made public.  Therefore, the grill will get cleaned!  Update coming . . .