Dirty Gertie - the acknowledgement

Well, Spring arrived about a month and a half ago. In actuality, it officially came on Tuesday, March 20th at 12:15pm. That's right, you woke up that winter morning and then - BOOM - the times changed during lunch. Spring arrived. Don't worry, I didn't really feel it either. Looking out my window that day, this is what I saw:





Ahhhhhh - the "wintery" white stuff called snow. During times like this, my mom always reminds me about some Easter back in the 70s when in late April, she could not make it from Connecticut to New Jersey because of a snow storm. Personally, being stuck in gray Connecticut is what I find the saddest part of that story. The snow actually brought a happy glow to that area (Sorry, I'm an Eagles fan and I know what stadium is up there). Anyway, that's snow on my grill. Sooooooo - bottomline, it's Spring and I'm not using my grill yet. After the snow finally left town, it then seemed like every "grill cleaning" planned weekend was like this:




  or this  



Obviously, that's the grill getting rained on in the one picture.  As for the other one - that captures my boy and I at his little league game.  I help coach.  There's a lot of games.  FYI - we like the Phillies, not the Marlins - it's just his little league team.  Nevertheless, I'm still trying to find time to get that grill cleaned!


Also, the grill - that's Gertie, short for Gertrude, but named after the Drew Barrymore character in E.T. What? I'll explain later. And, yes, my son's name is Elliott. Notice a theme? In the meantime, what I'm remembering now is just how dirty Gertie is. It actually never made it out last year for a grilling at our old house, since we were too busy moving to our new house. So, it sat.


That's two years of funk . . . just waiting . . . for me.